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Application procedure

1. Customer fills in the application via website
2. We will contact the customer within 3 working days and verify the given information before payment.
3. After the payment settled, we will arrange the sign-up of document as below (there are two options of arrangement for chosen):
3.- In person: The customer can submit and sign the relevant application documents and receive the medical checkup voucher (only applicable to the Indonesian helper) in our company office OR
3.- By courier: We can arrange to send the application documents and the medical checkup voucher (only applicable to the Indonesian helper) to the customer. Customer checks the content of documents, sign all the documents and send back with the attached envelope by a courier#
3.*(The Indonesian helper can go for medical check at the designated medical examination center with the voucher. The medical report will be sent to the company.)*
4. 4. The processing procedure should be completed within twenty working days or five weeks before the new working visa. After the working visa has been granted, the customer will receive the new contract with working visa by a courier or pick up at our office in person.

# If you choose the courier service, there will be the extra courier fee, the total amount is HK$118.